The fun, quirky and dedicated team behind!

Crayon Data is a young, fast-growing AI and Big Data company. Set up in 2012, the team believes that data and its responsible use are a basic human right. Data is meant to serve the interests of the individual. And by ethically leveraging data, while respecting privacy, it can lead to a closer, more intimate bond between enterprises and their customers. Crayon is bringing the power of personalization to enterprises in India, UAE, South East Asia, and pretty soon the US.


About is the world’s most powerful AI-led personalization engine. As the flagship product of the Singapore-based Crayon Data, the engine helps enterprises bridge the gap in understanding between enterprises and the tastes of their customers. But you already knew that. 

This story begins in a rather unexpected place. The top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Two exhausted and very oxygen-deprived pre-Crayon entrepreneurs were having a discussion on top of the mountain. The people of today have way too much to choose from. And sometimes that makes it hard to make a choice. Even if it’s something as simple as choosing where to eat. And so, up there in the thin air, a vision was born. The vision to simplify the world’s choices! 

And so was born. She was first named ‘Maya’, after our CEO’s adorable dachshund! (She was terribly missed on top of Mount Kilimanjaro!) 

The idea birthed an algorithm that identified customer taste. And over the next 5 years, it evolved into a full-blown comprehensive suite of studios, intended to simplify choices for customers by simplifying decisions for enterprises first. has won laurels and recognition from global platforms such as Gartner, TiEcon, CEBIT, IBM Watson, Intech50 and OrangeFab. 

Today, after on-boarding close to 125Mn end customers, has evolved into a must-have solution for enterprises that

(a) Believe in having a deeply personal relationship with their customers 

(b) Have the courage to stand up to digital disruptors 

(c) Place innovation and evolution over legacy and incumbency

To these enterprises, is a reliable partner that always has their backs. The mission is to build personal relationships between enterprises and their customers. While eliminating the need of personally identifiable information. And that is the secret of 

There are three core components that fuel on her lofty mission. These are also reflected on’s logo.

(a) The lines and rows of data analyzed everyday. Segregated. Simplified. 

(b) The colours, the patterns and the insights uncovered from that data. 

(c) And finally,’s dedication to understanding human tastes from those patterns.

The modern digital representation of the enterprise’s best friend.