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Crayon Data is an ambitious, fast growing AI startup, headquartered in Singapore. Crayon’s flagship is, a patented, cloud-based AI & ML platform. The platform now touches over 125M customers globally
Crayon Data has been identified by Gartner as one of the top 40 digital personalization providers
Crayon currently works with leading banks, card issuers, ecommerce portals, etc. in APAC, ME and the US

There are two main differentiators, that set Crayon apart:

A focus on combining internal and external data sets, without using identity

An algorithmic approach that allows automated analytics at scale

Crayon has multiple patents – the TasteGraphTM, a unique map of the world’s tastes, with billions of data points on consumer lifestyles. And ChoiceAI, an algorithm that mixes internal enterprise behavior data with external internet taste and social influence data sets.

These external data sets and patented algos establish the fact, that goes where no personalization or analytics engine has gone before.

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