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Say hello to relevance. The new growth driver

Customers today demand personalized products, services and experiences. Enterprises who understand
their customers and personalize digital experiences for each one them, stay ahead of the curve.


customers expect
personalized services.*


customers expect
personalized experiences.*


are tired of spam.#


global companies identify AI-led personalization as a priority.

These enterprises have their eyes on the prize.
But do they have the capabilities to deliver?

#(Evergage, Salesforce) #(Redpoint Global Survey) $(Dynamic Yield)

Your customers are digital natives. Irrelevance annoys them

In this digital age, customers constantly re-evaluate their choices. With so many options available,
they seek enterprises who understand and address their needs. At every point in time.

For example, when a customer wants to travel, on an average they explore


digital touch points


search results




hotel brands

They want enterprises to adapt to their changing needs. From preferred channels of
communication to relevant offer recommendations at the right time.

Enterprises who can’t stay relevant, risk losing everything. From customer data to share-of-wallet

Digital enterprises continue to stay on top of the relevance game. They own every stage of their customers’ journey, from point of discovery, to the point of purchase. With this knowledge, they help customers discover products, services and experiences that match their tastes.

Traditional enterprises need to catch up. They don’t understand their customers’ tastes and fail to deliver relevant offers and experiences. So, their customers switch to competitors. They also lose share-of-wallet and subsequently the ability to capture any of their customers’ data. This puts their margins at risk and makes them vulnerable to losing out to digital disruptors.

How leading digital enterprises stay relevant


The first step is to understand customers. Match internal customer data with external data, for a 360° view of your customers’ tastes.


Next, tap into an ecosystem of experiences. Map them to the right customer with the right context.


Finally, onboard the right merchants and offers that match customer tastes and drive unparalleled customer experience.


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