The difference is knowing personal taste

The difference is knowing personal tastes bridges offline behavior analytics
and online digital engagement.
Meets stringent data privacy standards.
Uses behavior, not identity to personalize engagement.

With the all-new,
you can:


Drive 3 to 7% increase in spends


Expand every customer transaction to
100s of taste-relevant recommendations


From raw data to personal storefronts
and campaigns in 7 days

3 integrated studios, complete the Customer-Enterprise-Merchant loop.

box image has developed Individual TastePrints
for over 100 million customers

Taste Studio

Analytics is predictable. makes it personal.

Easily search customers with similar tastes
  • Analyze millions of customers in seconds
  • Predict response rates and traction at the click of a button. At a taste level, at the merchant level, at category level

Engage Studio

Engage millions of customers. All at once. One at a time.

  • Engage customers with relevant campaigns
  • Pre-curated optimized campaigns ready to execute. Based on portfolio changes.
  • API led campaign delivery for easy integration with existing digital assets.
box image’s campaigns deliver 2-3x higher response rates
compared to traditional analytics

box image has identified over $1 billion in incremental opportunity, through taste-centric offer partnerships

Commerce Studio

Your customers and your merchants need some match-making. Make it happen.

  • Identify and onboard the right fulfillment vendors to drive monetisation
  • Recommends relevant and valuable offer merchants outside the existing portfolio
  • The ability for merchants to size new offer impact on bank portfolio

What makes unique?
We’ve embraced complexity. So, you don't have to.

box image

TasteGraph made the internet enterprise ready. So, your enterprise can be digital ready.

A unique map of the world’s tastes, with billions of data points on consumer lifestyles. Each connected to each other, using our patented affinity algorithms.

Choice AI

There’s more to choice than search.

The world's only engine that can create a cocktail of social, location, search, review and transaction data.

  • A patented algorithm that combines multiple recommender systems to deliver the top affinities in any category to any consumer, based on their tastes
  • Underpinned by a cognitive model with an extensive set of dimensions that mimic how consumers actually make choices
  • Iterative built-in machine learning loop
box image
box image


Privacy. Personalization. The two faces of’s unique TasteMatch algorithm uncovers tastes, by using entities, not people. Personally identifiable information (PII) is neither needed nor shared with us. Enterprises only provide us with pseudonymized transaction data. This allows to translate ‘behavior’ you know, into ‘tastes’ you don’t.

What’s more, our ISO 27001/02 certification, provides unmatched data security for your customer engagement AI. The reason our privacy-sensitive clients have entrusted us with their customer data, instead of the cloud.

Past performance can be a predictor of future returns.

The Scale

  • On-boarded over $21B of total portfolio spends
  • Developed TastePrints for over 100M customers
  • Delivered Personal Storefronts for over 9M customers
  • Delivered over 20M impressions monthly
  • Identified over $1B of incremental opportunity

The Impact

  • Delivered 3-7% increase in total portfolio spends
  • Delivered 5-10% increase in email open rates
  • Delivered 4x response rates over traditional analytics
  • Captured ~5mins of each customer's time every month
  • Reduced bounce rates on digital assets to nearly 15% (industry average ~50%)
  • Increase offer portfolio penetration by over 300+%

Some of our clients

Global bank in US

increase in spends from low-activity segment

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Global bank in Singapore

higher email open rates

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Leading card issuer in India

higher portfolio spends

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Leading bank in UAE

increase in transactions across portfolio

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