Personalization solution for every enterprise function

Master personalization. Across roles and functions helps Rita:

  • use one unified portal to understand her customers, merchants and opportunities
  • reduce costs and time to grow her portfolio
  • increase team productivity to complete tasks in a matter of minutes
  • focus more on innovation
  • convert all her digital assets into personalized storefronts in just 7 days


Head of Cards and Payments

She wants to reconnect with customers to grow her portfolio. Unfortunately, the solutions available are disjointed, time-consuming and expensive. helps Juan Carlos with:

  • a unified digital strategy that enables personalization on every digital asset
  • one single API that converts all digital assets into personalized digital storefronts for an integrated customer experience
  • improved customer engagement, thanks to a machine learning loop that constantly learns from every interaction

Juan Carlos

Head of Digital

He tries to keep up with innovations in consumer experience technology. But struggles to offer a unified journey across the dozens of assets he manages. This leads to sub-optimal user experience for the customers. helps Andrew:

  • understand individual customer tastes in his portfolio across seasons, trends, locations and categories
  • stack opportunities with accurate sizing of expected monetary impact
  • curate and publish campaigns across all digital assets in under 45 minutes
  • ensure results like spend increase, activation, churn management and share-of-wallet increase with off-the-shelf use cases that require no modelling


Portfolio Manager

He needs to improve portfolio results by 15-30%. But is restricted to using the same old tools, to perform  outdated transaction-behavior based analysis that result in  the same strategies. helps Kate:

  • curate and publish campaigns across all digital assets in under 45 minutes
  • balance individual, hyperlocal and global trends with portfolio growth targets to ensure highest possible campaign ROI
  • ensure one personalized campaign has the same impact as five traditional ones with AI/ML algorithms
  • cut down campaign clutter to 1/5th current volume
  • automate performance reporting and present them on a shareable dashboard


Campaign Manager

She needs to launch relevant campaigns. But they lack creativity and take too long to execute due to  all the manual work involved. There are also multiple departments to coordinate with, which slows things down. helps Yolanda:

  • create a digital, centralized offers marketplace that every merchant wants to be part of
  • digitally on-board with no gaps in data quality and consistency
  • accept only merchants that resonate with her customers’ tastes and preferences
  • connect her offers database to all digital assets to serve the right offers to the right customer, on the right channel, at exactly the right time


Alliances Manager

She needs to ensure that her offer and merchant portfolio is relevant to her customers. Inefficient processes result in aggregator partnerships, where 50% of the merchants see zero transactions over 12 months helps Ashwin:

  • access the latest AI/ML models through easy-to-use interfaces
  • get accurate estimates of monetary outcomes while iterating on model quality parameters
  • curate regular campaigns automatically with every data refresh and work on high-impact use cases and models.
  • on-board custom models into and create an ensemble that mixes off-the-shelf models with custom-built ones


Analytics Manager

He wants to innovate with new data modelling techniques and technology. He’s overloaded with multiple modelling requests and finds it difficult to stay ahead of the curve. So, he reuses the same models he’s worked on before and has no time left for innovation.


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