Commerce Studio

A single console to curate, manage and track offers

Commerce Studio

Optimize your entire portfolio and create new revenue opportunities with our offer management system. Discard 90% of irrelevant offers and add the ones that match your customers’ tastes.

Merchant Hub

Identify offers at a merchant level and evaluate their impact on your portfolio. View and manage these partnerships by

  • Spends they bring in
  • 12-month transaction history
  • Distribution of merchants on a map
  • Number of outlets
  • Spends and transactions by city

Suggested Merchants

Identify relevant merchants that improve business and top-line objectives. Gain data and taste-driven insights to acquire the right offer partnerships

  • View and sort merchants by location, spends and transaction history in the last 12 months, and by predicted spends for the next one month
  • Create a merchant wishlist

Merchant Onboarding

Digitally onboard and create merchant profiles

  • Upload data for one or more merchants at a time
  • Create unique profiles for each
  • Recommend merchants via the Engage Studio

Offer Onboarding

Easy-to-use forms for field teams to onboard. Digitally validate offers collected

  • Upload one or more offers at a time
  • Create individual offer profiles with merchant information
  • Launch campaigns or deploy the Choice API to recommend offers

Offer Hub

A central repository of all portfolio offers. Track in real-time

  • View offer details and status
  • Filter the list of merchants by validity, status, category, type of merchant and objectives
  • Edit, delete, duplicate, reactivate or extend validity of the offers

Offer Map

Understand your offer portfolio at a macro level

  • View the distribution of existing offers by geography
  • Evaluate merchants and identify gaps in your portfolio

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