Engage Studio

Engage millions of customers. All at once. One at a time.

Engage Studio

Curate and deliver campaigns on any channel, personalized to the tastes of each customer. Prioritize campaigns by theme and rank them by impact, to maximize portfolio spends.

Engage AI

Easily curate 15+ campaigns at once. Manage themed and objective-driven campaigns, across categories

Optimize campaigns and see improvements in

  • Customer coverage
  • Offer portfolio penetration
  • Discovery of new merchants
  • Response rates

Campaigns Hub

Schedule campaigns and monitor their performance

  • View live, scheduled, completed and deleted campaigns across all channels
  • View all key campaign metrics
  • Discontinue, pause or reschedule campaigns

Results Map

Evaluate completed campaigns. Gauge the impact of individual campaigns on your portfolio

Opportunity Explorer

Create and schedule custom campaigns within minutes

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