Taste Studio

Analytics is predictable. maya.ai makes it personal.

Google like machine-learning meets R-like statistical modelling.

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With Taste Studio you will never again recommend a steak restaurant to vegans. Or recommend a tropical holiday to customers who hate the sun.

Taste Explorer

Expand your horizons. In a Hop. Step. And Jump.

Use an intuitive 3-step query interface to understand your customers like never before. Go beyond behavioral metrics such as spends and transactions to understand why your customers behave the way they do, and use this knowledge to drive all customer conversations.


Shed light. On the hidden secrets of your portfolio.

As the name suggests, maya.ai’s Lighthouse alerts you to the major trends, dangers and opportunities in your portfolio. It estimates the impact of each of these opportunities, and turns them into campaigns, static or real-time.

Portfolio TasteMap

maya.ai reads your customers’ minds. So you can unlock their wallets.

The journey begins here. maya.ai starts with your customers’ current behavior. And turns the ‘behaviour’ you have into ‘tastes’ you don't.And its back-tested algorithm allow you to estimate the business impact of using Tastes to target your customers. At a portfolio, segment or individual customer level.

Engage Studio

Engage millions of customers. All at once, One at a time.

Apple-like simplicity. Control at your fingertips. Just click.

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Millions of opportunities to engage. One consumer at a time.
In next to no time at all. Campaigns have never been this fast, accurate and all inclusive.

Opportunity Explorer

Ordinary actions. Revolutionary outcomes.

Schedule analog and digital campaigns in minutes. Not hours. Run them within days. Not weeks. Design batch and real-time campaigns around your business objectives, be it increased usage or cross-border spends or anything else. What’s more, maya.ai accurately predicts the potential impact as you design the campaign, so no more shooting in the dark.

Engage AI

Do your thing. While maya.ai does hers.

A true AI engagement engine. Absorbs all the complexity of your portfolio movements layered with maya.ai’s algorithms. And turns them into simple executable campaign ideas. Organized by theme.

Optimized for:

  • Customer coverage
  • Response Rate
  • Discovery vs Repeat recommendations
  • Seasonality
  • Local or global eventse

You don’t have to lift a finger. Except to execute them.

Results Map

Automatic tracking of all your campaigns across all channels.

Compare actual vs forecasted results. See how maya.ai’s machine learning automatically improves from campaign to campaign. Go beyond tracking campaigns, to tracking continuous engagement.

Commerce Studio

Your customers and your merchants need some match-making.
Make it happen.

An intelligent marketplace.

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In a world where offers tend to dictate loyalty, get yourself an edge above the competition by staying relevant.

Merchant Hub

All merchants and offers in one place. All standardised.

Empower your team with a centralised on-boarding portal that does away with messy paperwork and poor data quality. Upload offers from multiple sources in one go and let maya.ai manage your offer inventory for you.

Offer Map

maya.ai worries about your offers so you don’t have to.

Understand which partnerships your customers love. Do away with the ones they don’t. Let maya.ai show you the partnerships your customers are longing for, and set about on-boarding them. Never again will you invest in a offer partnership that provides no dividends for your business.

Secret: for the average bank, more than 40% of offers usually have no transactions at all

Dynamic Targeting

Why should online marketplaces have all the fun?

Create a truly unique proposition by opening up your portfolio to merchants. Allow merchants to view the opportunity presented by your portfolio and enable them to reach out to your customers, on your digital assets. Capture that value.

Take a leap with maya.ai

One minute is all it takes to increase your spends by 3-7%.
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