Cards, wallets and payments

Bridge the gap between your customers and merchants

Unlock the value of commerce for your enterprise and customers

Most FinTechs, provide either an offer management platform or a personalization engine. brings both these capabilities together. Cards and payments providers can profile, engage and transact. From one integrated platform.


Self-service two-sided platform for merchants & card issuers

personalization for banks

Your customers can expect

  • spam-free personalized and relevant engagement​
  • taste-led offer recommendations that match not just merchants, but products too
  • a seamless online-to-offline journey. From discovery-to-fulfilmentpersonal financial advice and tips

Merchants and retailers in your portfolio can

  • on-board themselves digitally. With ready access to millions of customers
  • identify and engage the right audience. Understand their addressable market and bid for their attention
  • drive demand and traffic via existing channels and assets. Match the right offers to the right customers. Promote offer utilization and effective engagement

You are now at the helm of your business, and can

  • identify and acquire the right set of merchants digitally. Understand and profile your customers to match the right merchants to them
  • engage with customers meaningfully. Communicate relevant messages that drive traffic
  • have complete visibility on offer performance and ROI

Combine your internal customer data with external data from our TasteGraph™ to reveal affinities between individual customers and merchants.


Create unparalleled personalized experiences. Send relevant messages via the best-suited channel, at the right time. The Choice API makes this happen, it connects to all your digital assets.


Match the right merchants and offers to your customers’ tastes to drive transactions. Tap into . It comes with 1Mn+ global travel merchants, 2K+ online and offline merchants, plus national and global e-commerce affiliate programs.


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