Banking personalization platform 

Read customer minds and unlock wallets. understands customers' online and offline behavior to help you build stronger relationships with them. While complying with stringent data privacy standards.






Bump up your revenues by increasing
spends by 3-7%, across your portfolio

Help customers discover more provides an intelligent mix of recommendations based on repeat behavior, and each person's appetite for discovery. This leads to significant measurable revenue growth through your existing customers.

Increase spends from

at-risk customers improves customer loyalty across all customer segments. It drives 15-20% of spends from at-risk customers.

Treat every customer as an individual

Develop personal TastePrints

While traditional algorithms classify customers based on demographics or behavior, develops personal TastePrints for each customer. So, you can treat them as unique individuals.

Build personalised storefronts's machine learning algorithms learn and improve with every customer interaction. In real time. This makes for never-before personalization.

Improve customer engagement through relevance

Understand customer tastes for deeper insights into their behaviour. Matching customers to merchants and offers, based on their tastes, leads to an increase in offer coverage and better personalization.

Everything faster. And at scale.

Campaign curation to execution in 30 minutes centralizes all data, algorithms and intelligence to reduce multi-channel personalization to 3 simple steps. Now, you can create and launch omni-channel campaigns in just 30 minutes.

Ready-to-go use cases

Want to increase customer spread across categories? There’s a pre-configured campaign for that. Need a campaign to maximize spends during the holiday season? There’s one for that too, and more.

End-to-end personalization in 7 days

That's all the time needs, to help you transform raw data to personalised customer experiences, across your digital ecosystem

Taste Studio

Analytics is predictable. makes it personal.

Run a Google-like search to identify the tastes of your customers at portfolio, segment and individual levels. And predict the exact revenue opportunity for each, with stunning accuracy. Without building a single model.

Engage Studio

Engage millions of customers. All at once. One at a time.

Curate and deliver campaigns personalised to the taste of every single customer, on any channel.

Maximize portfolio spends effortlessly. In next to no time.

Commerce Studio

Your customers and your merchants need some matchmaking.

Make it happen.

Optimize your entire offer portfolio. Discard the 90% that don’t matter to your customers and add the ones that do. Imagine being able to tell every merchant the exact opportunity they have by targeting your base.