Banking Personalisation

A single personalization platform with 3 integrated studios to connect customers, banks and merchants in a profitable loop.

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– Taste Explorer

Expand your horizons.

In a hop, step and jump.

Go beyond behavioral metrics, such as spends and transactions, to understand customer behavior. In a simple 3-step process.

– Portfolio TasteMap reads your customers’ minds. So you can unlock their wallets. studies individual & portfolio taste trends while mapping them to portfolio metrics. And presents them in a comprehensive set of reports.

– Lighthouse

Shed light. On the hidden secrets of your portfolio.

An AI beacon that highlights key insights and actions. Reducing the cognitive load for users.

Discover how the Taste Studio helps your team

Analytics Manager

Leverage patented AI & ML algorithms. Layer them with your own custom algos to extract insights centered around taste and customer behavior to make extremely realistic predictive models.

Porfolio Manager

With just a few clicks, get system generated insights on taste, customer behavior and latest trends in leading portfolio metrics. Use this knowledge to identify areas where your portfolio is leading or lagging. And piece together opportunities to maximize portfolio growth.

Head of Cards & Payments

Use the power of AI and an intuitive query interface to quickly understand why your portfolio behaves the way it does. Piece together opportunities to meet your monthly, quarterly or annual targets.

Product Manager

Understand the customers who use your product, where and why they use it. And actively control the growth of your portfolio. Identify the best customers in your portfolio and use their personas to drive your acquisition strategy.

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– Opportunity Explorer

Ordinary actions. Revolutionary outcomes.

Curate campaigns instantaneously and accurately predict the size and response rate of each opportunity.

– Results Map

Automatic tracking of all your campaigns across all channels.

Track all the key performance metrics for your campaigns across all channels. even tells you how your campaigns have improved over time.

– Engage AI

Do your thing. While does hers.

Study your portfolio and underlying taste trends to automatically curate high impact campaigns.

Discover how the Engage Studio helps your team

Analytics Manager

With an easy-to-use interface, you can measure performance across channels and let your data drive strategic decision-making across the business.

Portfolio/Product Manager

Curate and publish personalized, taste-centric campaigns across all digital channels in under 30 mins.

Campaign Manager

Enjoy a centralized view of all campaigns scheduled across all assets. Curate, schedule, view and track the performance of each campaign. All in the same portal.

Digital Manager

Provide personalization capabilities across all integrated digital assets while offering a unified experience. Every interaction helps build a customer profile with a better understanding of their tastes and behavioral traits.

Head of Cards & Payments

Bandwidth issues arise due to inefficient processes involving multiple touch-points and dependencies. Empower your team with a one-stop portal for all your customer engagement needs.

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– Merchant Hub

A one-stop-shop for all your merchants and offers

Seamlessly on-board and standardize new offers and merchant partnerships through a centralized portal.

– Offer Map

Trust to do the right thing for your offers

Evaluate your offer portfolio and identify merchant partnerships that work for you, and discard the ones that do not.

– Dynamic Targeting

Why should online marketplaces have all the fun?

The difference between an offer management system and a truly open marketplace is that it allows merchants to size opportunities and engage with customers.

Discover how the Commerce Studio helps your team

Portfolio Manager

Identify relevant merchants to partner with to increase the relevance of customer conversations. And drive more transactions.

Alliance Manager

On-board merchants through a centralized portal with standardized data entry to ensure data quality. Identify the most relevant offer merchants and remove the merchants who provide no value. Seamlessly distribute offers across customers and channel from this one portal.

Engage each customer personally. Find out how!