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World’s leading AI-powered
personalization platform for banks

Boost your revenues by 5-10%. With real-time personalized choices.

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Watch in action is a two-sided platform that unlocks
the value of personalized commerce

Our platform connects a bank’s merchants to its customers. And offers relevant recommendations that customers can redeem and fulfil. With ease. This drives value for all three parties and creates a rich ecosystem. Powered by


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First, understand your customers. matches internal customer data with external data for a 360° view of your customers’ tastes.


Then, engage millions of customers with AI-curated campaigns to achieve your business objectives. All with a single API, the Choice API.


Finally, tap into an ecosystem of experiences, from 1Mn+ merchants. maps offers based on customers’ unique tastes to drive transactions.


Here’s a peek at what makes different

TasteGraph™ Harness the power of external data

A unique map of global tastes with billions of data points: 4.4Mn+ restaurants, 2.4 Mn+ hotels, 750K+ attractions, merchants and more.

Uses graph methodology to calculate affinities even with sparse datasets

Choice AI: Latest ML algos, mirrors consumer choice

A patented cocktail of reviews, transaction, location, social and search data uses this to understand choice with one equation: Choice = f (Taste, Influence, Context, Behavior)

TasteMatch: Privacy sensitive

Personally identifiable information (PII) is neither needed nor shared with Crayon. uncovers tastes, by using entities, not people

Deploy our personalization platform on multiple channels.
Across customer touchpoints.

Supported channels include


Proven. Not just promised.

Global banks have seen significant business impact with

The end-to-end platform and the centralization created through it is the real value add for us. Being able to move from data cleaning to enrichment, and sizing is great.” Analytics head, MNC bank sizing is great.

Analytics head,

MNC bank

The way Crayon uses its learnings of bank’s internal processes (from data cleaning to enrichment to campaigns) in one platform is awesome.

Product owner,

global payment network

If people didn’t say much, it was because we are stunned into silence. We are not used to such speed and sophistication.

Vice president,

global payment network

Trusted by global banks around the world.

We’ve analyzed 2.9Bn transactions, delivered 9Mn+ personalized storefronts and onboarded 130Bn USD total portfolio spends. Add the power of to your financial services.

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