Personalized Marketplace

Customers now demand

Customers want personalized experiences. Merchants want the right audience.
Credit card providers and wallets are unable to meet these expectations.
With, enterprises can now connect the two and offer the most relevant experiences.

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The shift to digital has transformed the retail landscape

Physical stores with little or no online presence struggle to survive. On the other hand, for pureplay online retailers:

70 to 80%
70 to 80%

of their total traffic and revenue is claimed by the biggest e-commerce players in each market

20 to 30%
20 to 30%

the longtail category spend large amounts on digital advertising

Online retailers spend an average of 25% of their sales to drive traffic to their site. But often do not see conversions and ROI. So, merchants are hit with a double whammy of little traffic and high cost of acquisition.
And they need a solution fast.

Stay on top of evolving customer trends
Between 2017 and 2019, the number of e-wallet users globally exploded, from 500 million to 2.1 billion*.

As customers switch to digital payment platforms, banks and card providers are unable to keep up with change in consumer expectations.

They not only lose attention and relevance but share of wallets and margins too.

Without disruption, they risk being left behind.

Digital marketplaces

Large e-wallet players have millions of merchants and offers. And even more customers.


High volumes of supply and demand cannot guarantee transactions.


Marketplaces that drive value engage both sides of the equation: customers and merchants. You need to

  • Show customers the right choices and offers.
  • Empower merchants to reach out to the right customers.

Personalized digital marketplaces are the future.

They go beyond connecting customers and retailers to bring value to both parties. Just like a symbiotic ecosystem. Marketplaces give customers the freedom to discover offers, products and experiences according to their tastes. And place merchants in the driving seats of their business.

Enterprises continue to treat all customers alike. And fail to recapture their share of wallet from digital giants

The standard approaches these enterprises employee are ineffective.

The spray-and-pray model

One-size-fits-all communications means billions of irrelevant messages. Every single day.

Disjointed omni-channel strategies.

Banks spam their customers with offers on multiple channels, from SMS, to mobile app notifications. That leads to poor engagement rates.

Generic offers and cashback portals.

They don’t spark customers’ interests because they are difficult to navigate and are not personalized.

Onboard multiple merchants and offers all at once.

Quantity is seldom better than quality. Most merchants and offers in a bank’s portfolio are irrelevant. This leads to poor offer utilization.

The secret ingredient that enterprises need

Taste-based matching

Understand your customers’ tastes and match them to the right product or service.
To do this, you will need to


Create affinity scores between every customer, product and merchant. Build unique taste match scores across hundreds of products and thousands of offers.


Deliver intelligent customer experience across digital assets. On multiple channels, at any time of the day. Track their engagement to know what works and what doesn’t


Drive transactions with effective online-to-offline fulfilment. Your customers derive value from personalized engagement. While transactions drive the topline for your merchants

The right model for enterprises

With these three easy steps, you can build a breakthrough business model.
Connect consumers and retailers in a seamless personalized journey, from discovery to fulfilment.



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