Retail Personalization

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Keep track of changing retail trends.
Stay ahead of the game

Engage customers like never before.

Easy, configurable features that drive results
A self-serve portal enables you to

On-board yourselves digitally

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets, manual forms and data inconsistencies. Use one form with in-built automated validation systems and integrated approval workflows.

Centrally manage and create all your offers

Have full control and visibility on active and expiring offers. Add, suspend, extend offers and be informed of revenue lost from expiring offers.

Control and configure your offer portfolio

Gain insights on how your customers interact with your offers. Make informed decisions to introduce new, extend or end offers.

Uncover opportunities, learn from the results. Improve ROI

Take full control of your customers and offers. With personalization platform, you can now size opportunities and identify the right customers to target. Send them the most relevant offers and monitor their response, to build meaningful experiences.


Identify where the opportunities lie in your inventory. Build your own or let’s algorithms do the work. Get accurate opportunity estimates. With a breakdown of customer profiles


Understand who responds to your brand. Discover the best time and channel for optimal engagement with the right demographic. Integrate’s APIs and widget to drive traffic to your online store. Across multiple touchpoints


Drive quality traffic to encourage transactions. Simplify offer fulfilment with one-click mechanisms via APIs. Track transactions on every dollar spent and earned



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