Everyone wins with AI-driven personalization:
customers, banks, and merchants.

Deliver unique omnichannel personalization experiences to each customer in just 2 weeks

Profile and engage your customers with real-time personalized choices. Enable customers to transact seamlessly

Profile with our TasteGraph™
Profile with our TasteGraph™

2.9Bn customer
transactions analyzed

Engage with our Enterprise Studios
Engage with our Enterprise Studios

9Mn+ personal
storefronts delivered

Drive transactions with
Drive transactions with

330Mn USD total incremental spends generated

Use behavior, not identity to truly understand your customers


Boost your revenues by 3-7%. Activate dormant customers and increase spends across your portfolio

Retain at-risk customers
Improve customer loyalty across all customer segments. drives 15-20% of spends from cold, inactive segments.

Enable taste-led discovery

Provide customers with an intelligent mix of recommendations based on repeat behavior. This leads to significant revenue growth.


Don’t waste time and money with campaigns that don’t yield ROI. Deploy with speed and agility.

Go from data to digital in just 2 weeks
Transform raw data to personalized customer experiences, across your digital ecosystem. Curate and launch campaigns in under 45 minutes.

Ready-to-go use cases

Choose from pre-configured and themed campaigns across categories. Maximize customer spends through the year.


Kill spam by delivering personalized experiences to each of your customers. Through unique, individually relevant digital storefronts

Treat every customer as an individual
Traditional algorithms classify customers based on demographics or behavior. personalization platform develops a unique personal taste profile for each customer.

Build personalized digital storefronts’s machine learning algorithms learn and improve with every customer interaction. In real-time. This makes for never-seen-before personalization.


Personalize digital experiences. With no compromise on privacy

Profile customer entities. Not identities
Translate customer behavior you know, into customer tastes you don’t. doesn’t use personally identifiable information (PII), only pseudonymized transaction data.

Meet strict data privacy and security standards™ personalization platform is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified. Your customer data is safe with us.

Case Study

Results matter. delivers

Enterprises who took the leap with drives portfolio growth with personalized campaigns for the largest credit card issuer in India powers the merchant-bank-customer loop and drives growth for a leading global card issuer in the Middle East helps acquire merchants, monitor campaigns, personalize offers and drive growth for a tier-1 bank in Singapore

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