Ví dụ với Giải pháp

nghiên cứu điển hình cá nhân hóa

Đã được chứng minh, không chỉ hứa hẹn.
Khám phá cách các doanh nghiệp hàng đầu giành chiến thắng trong thời đại phù hợp cuts down customer inactivity with personalized weekly campaigns and improves the offer portfolio for a multinational bank in Indonesia. improves customer activation rates and engagement through personalized campaigns for the largest banking group in the Middle East. drives portfolio growth through offer acquisituions and personalized campaigns for a leading global bank in India. drives portfolio growth with personalized campaigns for the largest credit card issuer in India helps acquire merchants, monitor campaigns, personalize offers and drive growth for a tier-1 bank in Singapore powers the merchant-bank-customer loop and drives growth for a leading global card issuer in the Middle East drives digital transformation through personalization for a leading digital innovations bank in the Middle East creates category-specific campaigns and drives portfolio growth for a tier-1 bank in USA is the AI partner for the largest national bank in Myanmar

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