Billions of
consumers want to
be celebrated for
their individuality

Consumers today want experiences to be


67% expect
personalised experiences*


98% are frustrated
by the levels of spam**


79% have made purchases
using mobile devices in the
last six months***

* Salesforce    ** RedPoint Global Survey    *** Microsoft: State of global customer service report

Thousands of traditional enterprises that serve them, continue to treat them alike!

Large enterprises like
banks, retailers and airlines
have multiple engagement channels and tools.
They spam consumers with the same irrelevant messages, leading to loss of consumer attention and interest, and puts their margins under pressure!

The scale of the problem is massive


Card holders


E-commerce Visitors


Airline passengers


Hotel guests

Billions of irrelevant messages everyday!

Crayon designed to bring traditional
enterprises the capability to create AI-led experiences.At scale. With speed. is the world’s ONLY AI-led personalisation
engine dedicated to understanding human tastes is a horizontal platform, serving multiple
verticals. It delivers personalised taste-led
lifestyle choices for enterprises’ customers.

Algorithms are built
on top of a unique map
of global tastes.

Millions of

Billions of
data points

Raw data to digital personalised
digital storefronts in 10 days

No personally identifiable
information required

Engage each customer personally. Find out how!