Irrelevance annoys your customers.
Is your bank guilty of spam?


If your customer retention strategy relies on “buying” loyalty with rewards, rebates, or discounts, it is coming at a high cost. And these days, it could also mean that you’re giving up something priceless: your relevance. Harvard Business Review

On the other hand, banks who own every stage of their customers’ journey to build relevant experience, win not only their customers’ trust, but their business as well.

Here’s an ideal customer journey
for digital first banks to regain their share of wallet!


Step 1

The bank enables seamless discovery and fufilment on digital platforms for customers.


Step 2

Customers engage and transact


Step 3

The bank enables seamless discovery and fufilment on digital platforms for customers.


Step 4

The bank recommends personalized offers and experiences to their customers. On the right channel at the right time.

And the cycle continues!
Recommendations become more relevant with every transaction.

The secret behind unique customer experience? Personalization with relevance!

Say hello to relevance. The new growth driver

Banks who understand their customers and personalize digital experiences for each one of them, stay ahead of the curve. With so many options available, they seek banks who understand and address their needs. At every point in time. Watch TS Anil, Global CEO, Monzo Bank, a leading digital bank, talk about how data has transformed the financial services industry in the last decade to improve customer experiences.

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